Standing Desk Converters

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Ideal for limited workspace
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Placing this workstation on a 28″ high desk will support people up to 5’9″ tall
Placing this workstation on a 31″ high desk will support people up to 6’1″ tall

Adjust easily to match your perfect desk height

Instead of being limited by pre-determined heights, you can easily adjust the standing desk to match your specific height requirements.

More ergonomically correct workstation

The keyboard tray drops down in front of the desk and rests flush against the surface so that you don’t need to raise your chair to an uncomfortably high in seated position

Spacious Work Surface

An oversized surface area gives you plenty of working space for your devices, notes, documents, etc. Deeper work surface offers comfortable reading distance.

Provide the same sturdy desktop in a slimmed-down design

Compact design is ideal for corner cubicles and limited space


Quick release keyboard tray

The compact series desktop workstation comes pre-assembled. All you have to do is attach the keyboard tray. Remove the keyboard tray easily when you need your desk for reading or writing.

Tablet groove design

The built-in tablet support groove makes it easy to take notes, use an app or stream a meeting from your desktop. You can integrate your tablet or phone in landscape or portrait mode by simply placing it into the groove.

flexispot desk riser has tablet groove design

Introducing Compact Series Desktop Risers