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This is a must try for those looking to upgrade to a standing desk


It’s a simple, easy solution for those who already have a sitting desk that they like.


With its straight up and down movement you save space with no need to push out.


A converter is the ideal gift for her if her work demands that she sit behind a desk for hours.

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Why sit stand desks

Help shape your body

Burn more calories and prevent cardiovascular disease. Sit-stand desk encourages you to stand more and sit less.

Relieve neck or back pain

Height adjustable desks enable the neck, back and hip muscles to be activated and prevent them from weakening.

Improve blood circulation

Sit-stand desks help you avoid sitting all day, which can cause uncomfortable swelling of the ankles and feet.

Improve productivity

A recent study found that employees who used sit-stand desks were 46% more productive than those at traditional desks.


Stand up desk news

Comparing all the latest standing desk converters

When searching for a standing workstation, consider what size will best fit your office space,if you need a keyboard tray or would be better off with a single flat surface and…

How to fight fatigue while using your stand up desk

When you start using your new stand up desks, you might experience physical fatigue. Here are some quick and simple tips to combat fatigue and enjoy improved posture.

The truth between sit stand desk and productivity

After just a month of using the standing desks, employees were 23% more productive than their colleagues who were sitting behind traditional desks.

Things you are doing wrong at your standing desk

Just like sitting for hours, standing too much isn’t good for your health either. If you are only switching sitting to standing, you’re not helping your body.


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