Standing Desk Converters

Transform your existing desk into the ultimate sit stand desk with our wide selection of premium standing desk converters. Simply place the desktop workstation on your current desktop, and you are ready to sit or stand. Designed with an intuitive counterbalancing mechanism that provides smooth transitions when raising or lowering, our standing desk converters are the perfect choice for people who want to keep their existing desk and save time with quick assembly.
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Height Adjustable Desks

Our attractive height-adjustable desks deliver the full sit-stand experience for people who need a larger desktop and are okay with replacing their existing desk. We offer three affordable styles of adjustable height standing desks. Choose from our electric, manual, and pneumatic height adjustable desks to find the solution that’s right for your budget and personal preference.
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Desk Bikes

Burn more calories while you perform desk-bound tasks with our wide array of desk bike solutions that help you stay in motion throughout the day. Whether you’re looking for a simple pedal exerciser, an under desk bike, or a fully integrated sit-stand desk and exercise bike combo, we offer several desk exercise options to suit your active lifestyle.

Cushion & Mat

Monitor Mounts

Our thoughtfully designed monitor arms keep you from spending hours viewing a computer screen that’s not set to your eye level. Doing that can cause unnecessary eye and neck strain, not to mention painful back problems. With our patented, high-performance monitor mounts, you can easily adjust your screen and comfortably work in the most ergonomically correct position. Plus, our monitor mounts feature quality craftsmanship, impressive functionality, unparalleled design, and a wide range of features you won’t find in competitor models.

Standing Desk Accessories

Take your sit-stand workstation to the next level with innovative accessories that are tailor-made for active work settings. We offer a host of ergonomic solutions including single and dual monitor mounts with independent monitor adjustments, standing desk mats to relieve leg muscle fatigue, rolling casters for easy movement, and much more.