How to Use a Desk Bike for the Whole Family

For many people, working and exercising can feel like a trade-off. You don’t have time to exercise because you have to work, and any time you do take to exercise is time away from working. With FlexiSpot’s desk bikes, you … Read More

4 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Standing Desk

Switching to a standing desk is an important step for your health. Americans spend an average of 12 hours a day sitting, which is linked to many negative health effects, such as increased risk for cardiovascular disease, weight gain, and … Read More

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Standing Desk Converter Testimonial from a Campus Worker

We are all loving our FlexiSpot desks. It has freed us from constantly having to be sitting down while working. Because the desk is so easily adjustable, it suits everyone in the office. The ease with which is changes from … Read More

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4 Ways Standing Desks Improve Employee Productivity

If somebody told you that making one simple change to your work habits could increase your productivity by almost 50%, you’d probably be more than a little skeptical. But one study by the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of … Read More

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Colorful Workstations Are Now Available for the ClassicRiser Series

We’re excited to announce that FlexiSpot’s bestselling ClassicRiser series of standing desk converters is now available in a variety of new colors!   Our original ClassicRiser model has changed the way people across the country interact with their workstations. The … Read More

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FlexiSpot Announces Pre-Launch of Laptop-Friendly AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converter

FlexiSpot, one of America’s fastest-growing manufacturers of standing desks, announced today the pre-launch of its innovative new AlcoveRiser sit-stand desk converter. Designed with laptop users in mind, this sleek desk converter sets itself apart from other models by featuring an … Read More

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Freelance Writer Uses FlexiSpot’s ClassicRiser to Get 10,000 Steps a Day

As a full-time freelance copywriter, Monica White was no stranger to sitting for up to 10 hours at a time working on back-to-back writing projects for her clients. While the long hours were great for business, they were starting to … Read More

FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro Named 2018 CES Innovation Awards Honoree

LIVERMORE, Calif., Nov. 9, 2017/PRNewswire/ — FlexiSpot Deskcise ProTM has been named a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Computer Accessories product category. The revolutionary all-in-one desk bike is one of a select group of products this year across 28 different … Read More

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5 Ways to Create a Stress-Free Workspace

The condition of your workspace has a direct connection to how productive you are and how satisfied you feel at work. When we’re struggling with productivity, the first cause we usually point to is our own motivation. But often, it’s … Read More

New Arrival: Desk Bike Helps Adults, Seniors, & Kids Lead a Healthier Lifestyle at Home

Since Desk Bike launched last month, it is continuing to transform the way the entire family spends time on their rear end. Instead of just sitting on the couch while watching TV or doing homework, parents, grandparents and even children … Read More