Height Adjustable Desks
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Smooth And Quiet

Dual motor lift mechanisms offers smoother height adjustments, better stabilization and low noise while running.

Low noise level

Low noise level in running mode that won’t bother others in the same room

Smooth movements

Smooth movements ensure drinks on your table will never spill, while the desk is moving

Advanced All-in-One Keypad


Sit/stand reminder system

The sit/stand time reminder system also helps alert you when it’s time to stand, and can be turned on or off anytime based on your work flow.

Programmable memory presets

With three programmable presets, you can save your favorite seated, standing, and underdesk cycling heights.

Energy-saving display

Your exact desk height is shown on a display that automatically goes dark to reduce power draw while the desk is stationary.

Highly Customizable Frame

Black / White / Silver

More leg room and flexibility to add a treadmill

Crossbar-free design allows more leg room and flexibility

Cable management system organizes wires

There is a spacious groove for cables to be placed inside the frame for a tidy desk

Robust. Stable. Mobile.

The frame maintains stability even at its highest height thanks to support legs that are offset towards the rear in a C-shaped design.

Sustainable Wood Desktops

Maple / Black / Mahogany

Two option comparison

Basic option: E2

Premium option: E4

No. of leg stages


3-stage (three-stage legs on the frame allow for an extended height
range to accommodate 99% of the population. Ideal for the shortest
and tallest people, or multiple users.)

Height adjustments



No. of motors



Lift speed


1.5” /s

No. of memory presets



Sit-stand reminder

45 mins reminder

0-99 mins customized reminder setting

Weight capacity

220 lbs

220 lbs

Horizontal adjustments



Applied desktop size

Accommodates desktops 23.6”-31.5” wide and 47.2”-70.9” long

Accommodates desktops 23.6”-31.5” wide and 47.2”-70.9” long

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