Flexible Workspace – Variety is the Spice of Life

The Trend towards Flexibility In recent times we’ve long since moved beyond the rigidly defined pre-1965 office where we each had our own space that was virtually identical to our neighbors’ spaces.  Sometimes the only way to tell offices apart … Read More

Carpal Tunnel and You: What Gamers Need to Know

Hey, gamers!  Press pause for a second.  We need to have a talk about something that none of us really want to talk about:  Carpal tunnel syndrome. That’s right.  The wrist thing. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) all comes down to … Read More

The Benefits of Cycling is Much More than You Think!

Preventative Cycling has some amazing benefits, especially for adults.  For one thing it can be used to prevent debilitative processes from gaining a foot hold, or to manage those that already exist.  Everybody knows that cycling significantly improves heart function, … Read More

Tips to Become More Active While Gaming

Let’s face it: gaming isn’t as active as other lifestyles out there.  Whether you’re a Tekken pro or a Galaga flying ace, you’re probably not carved like a classic Greek sculpture if you’re spending your time on the couch.  That … Read More

Fewer Hours = Higher Productivity (This should come as no surprise to anyone)

Less equals More What is the most well-known economy in the EU that isn’t doing well?  “Greece”, says the majority.  It has the 4th highest average total working hours/person/year in the world, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and … Read More