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Sit-Stand-Move Solution
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Support better posture

Our ergonomic monitor mount naturally allows users to maintain the neutral position of their shoulders, neck and back – making it easy to position their computer screen in the perfect location and angle for their height and the type of task they are performing.

Landscape/portrait rotation

Our flexible monitor mounting arms rotate for easy levelling and versatile portrait/landscape views of your computer screen

Reduce glare

Minimizing glare on your computer screen is simple with a quick adjustment of the agile monitor mount arm so you can find the perfect angle at any height

Improve sharing

Sharing your computer screen with coworkers is a breeze using our fully adjustable monitor mount arms to swivel your monitor

Enable effortless sit- stand work style

Our height adjustable desk provides an easy way to squeeze more vertical time into your day. It seamlessly transitions your desk from sitting to standing. Plus, it’s powered by an intuitive digital control panel that adjusts quietly, quickly and seamlessly with just a touch.

Seamless height adjustments

With the ability to raise the height adjustable desk frame from 28.5″ to 48.4″ (without the desktop), you can find the perfect height for almost everyone

Programmable memory presets

With three programmable presets, you can save your favorite seated, standing, and under desk cycling heights so your adjustable sit-stand desk is always in the perfect position for you

Balance your work and workout

To add even more movement into your workday, simply roll the desk bike pedaler under your adjustable height standing desk and begin pedaling. The desk bike is completely silent, and it’s easy to work while spinning. Daily use of an under desk bike offers a satisfying light workout without making you sweat or distracting you from work.

Fully adjustable seat

The comfortable desk bike seat is fully adjustable and suitable for people with a height range between 5’1” to 6’2”

Burn extra calories

Daily use of the ergonomic desk bike offers a satisfying light workout without making you sweat or distracting you from work

Low noise level

Designed with smooth, ultra-quiet magnetic resistance, the desk bike is completely silent, making it easy to work while cycling