Review:On Your Feet: FlexiSpot Standing Desk Riser Review! (By Jude Kasekamp)

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I live in Boston, which is like Silicon Valley in many ways. Walk into just about any startup, and you’ll find software engineers, marketers, and other world-changers standing at their desks. So, gone are the big plushy chairs and mahogany desks of the past. While standing desks are fantastic for productivity, they are also a great way to combat sedentariness. What if you want to improve your workspace but don’t want to throw out your existing desk? That’s where the FlexiSpot sit-stand desk riser comes in.

FlexiSpot make several products for your office – at work or at home. Their motorized height adjustable desks and crazy cool wellness bikes are worth checking out. For those of us that already have nice desks, they developed these risers. The folks over at FlexiSpot were rad enough to send me this 35″ model in white for review!


From their product description:
FlexiSpot’s desktop workstation provides an easy way to transition between sitting and standing throughout the workday. Our spacious desks offer a deep work surface, a wide keyboard and instant tablet integration. These quality workstations offer smooth up/down motion, twelve height adjustment settings and ergonomic monitor mount compatibility.



It sits on whatever surface you have which allows for a lot of flexibility. Gas springs and a two handle design allow for simple operation. I never felt like I was doing manual labour when I was changing heights. A removable keyboard tray was the only assembly required when removing it from the box. Eight screws and I was done!

The desktop itself is made of thick plastic. It’s smooth and feels about as nice as plastic can feel. So, sliding my keyboard, tablets, and phone around didn’t seem to scratch or scuff the surface. Nevertheless, it is still plastic. I would’ve liked wood, metal, or glass, but can’t complain too much anyway. Those materials would add to the weight, which is substantial as it is.


The workstation is pleasant to use. It’s so nice to have the option to either stand or sit. The desk is sturdy, though it does have a little play if I really wiggle it.

Based on my experience, I recommend this standing desk riser. It’s easy to operate and the effect on my productivity is noticeable. Also, I’m more focused when I’m on my feet than when I’m lounging in my chair. However, as for the health-related aspects, those take time!


Do you geeks use standing desks? Also, is this just a fad, or here to stay? In the meantime, click on over to FlexiSpot’s website and buy one for yourself!

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