83 reviews for SanoDesk Pro - Premium Quick-Install Height Adjustable Desk

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    Re-used a desktop from an old office table. This frame is extremely sturdy and well made. The crank doesn’t feel cheap or fragile. I suggest getting a mat to stand on, even if you are on carpet.

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    Love it. Put my own top on it and it works great. I use a hand drill instead of the supplied crank cause I’m super lazy.

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    I love this desk! The fame is sturdy and I was able to put it together myself. I bought a white melamine top from the home improvement store and had it cut to the size I wanted. My carpenter friend drilled holes for my computer wires and we put in the desk grommets. He attached the top and crank. I love being able to stand at my desk when I want and to have the option to sit also. It is the first thing I show off in my new office. My carpenter loved the frame and expanded on how many ways he might use the large surface. Workbench, table in small living area, butcher block etc. It’s awesome!

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    This is a great product. I mounted this stand to an IKEA desktop and really enjoy having such a wide range of heights to work from. Extremely sturdy build. If you are willing/able to mount a desktop on this, then I would highly recommend buying this adjustable height stand.

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    The Vivo desk frame is constructed of high quality steel and has a nice finish. It took about 40 minutes to assemble. Very sturdy. Most of the assembly time was taken to decide how far to spread the legs. Mine are 48″ apart on center. Make sure you install the crank mount with enough room to allow the crank to turn. I followed instructions from other reviewers and mounted the crank just inside the edge of the desk. I purchased a LINNMON (59×29.5, Article Number: 102.513.52) desktop from Ikea which provided ample space. My two computer monitors wobble very slightly but is not a noticeable distraction.

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    I have had this product for nearly a year it has worked great most of the time. Recently, I stripped out the raise/lower mechanism. Not sure how, but I did. My guess is, at the bottom or top of the min/max desk height you need to be careful not to exert too much force on the crank arm. I got in touch with VIVO through Amazon to determine if they could help me out. They where very helpful. Sent out a replacement part. I had it within a couple of days. It took me 15 minutes to swap out and I’m back in business. Except for this one issue the desk frame has worked very well for me. VIVO’s customer service was awesome, they stand behind their product.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anthony V.

    Sturdy and easy to assemble.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5


    This frame is very sturdy. I have mounted an 80″x32″ solid hardwood top to it and it performs flawlessly.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joseph M. Zawodny

    This crank up frame is exceptionally well designed and fabricated. From an engineering and design perspective, the lines are clean and the assembly could not be any simpler or easier. The frame is very stable and sturdy. Most of that I’ll attribute to the fabrication. There are only a few items made of plastic that I can see, the crank handle and 3 bearing holders. The rest is heavy gauge metal approximately 1/8″ thick that has no sharp edges and has been expertly welded and painted. I assembled it myself in about 10 minutes. The finish is uniform and virtually flawless. The only changes I made were to reverse the bearing holder for the crank shaft (the bearing retainer C-clip rubs against the holder) and to drill and tap the table top bracket where I decided to mount the holder. Once I flipped the bearing holder around, the mechanics actuated easily. They are not silky smooth, but have a series of slight detents as the handle is rotated. This is necessary in order to prevent the table top from lowering under its own weight. The only design error I can find has to do with the way the crank handle stores on the bearing holder. It sticks out well over an inch beyond the edge of the table top. Relocating the slot in the hands closer to the grip would solve the problem. Given how well thought out everything else about this product is, I am surprised the designers missed this little detail. I cannot overstate how impressed I was with the quality of this product and I was certainly surprised when I peeled off the “Made in China” sticker. I expected to see a made in USA or some northern European country sticker. I’m using this as a hobby bench, but it would look very nice in a home office.

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    Very solid construction with easy to read directions. Packaging was great, everything needed was included and the quality of this frame is fantastic. Love it. Nothing else to say really other than I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again if I needed another similar desk frame.

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