384 reviews for Manual Height Adjustable Desks: 2-Stage Crank Option

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    After researching and reading a ton of reviews, I purchased this stand up adjustable desk. It is fairly easy to put together by yourself if you use some ingenuity. I loved an idea from another review, so I too purchased a drafting chair and have it at the height I need if I was standing which eliminates the need to raise and lower the desk. Originally I was using a counter height kitchen chair until I found the right drafting chair. The other thing I noticed, is that most of the posted pictures had a brace underneath holding the two sides together, mine does not and it’s great! Therefore, since I leave it at the right height, I am able to store some crafting drawers (both on rollers) underneath one side. Both computer screens are 24″. One of the best purchases I’ve made!

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    The two tier makes it very ergonomic, well made, sturdy.

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    This is such a nice desk. I agree with the other reviews, it was heavy, so I unpacked it at the front door and took the pieces in individually. The box was slightly damaged, but the desk was so nicely wrapped in heavy Styrofoam and cardboard the parts arrived undamaged. The instructions are pictures, like the other reviews say, but they are pretty easy to follow, at least the pictures are large sized. I laid out all the pieces prior and actually had a couple of extra, better than being shorted. I put it together myself and it was harder, like the other reviewers, to keep the legs up while putting the middle brace together. The time it took was mainly those hex nuts and hand screwing them in (argh). But this desk is so sturdy. It is not that pressed board and the metal legs are very stable. I write heavy and it doesn’t wobble even on carpet. It is easy to crank up and down. I bought the light birch based on another reviewers recommendation and couldn’t be happier, it is so light and bright. I think the quality of the desk supported the cost, which I don’t think was too much. I think this will last quite some time. I highly recommend.

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    This desk is a killer. If you’re hesitating between an electric up and down desk and this one, buy this one! It will never fail you because it’s manually assisted. There is enough space for two people to work side by side

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    This works well and I love that I chose the crank instead of a motor. I think motors can break too easily. I would have loved this desk more if the top was real wood. I purchased the birch top and it looks like a cheap laminate on top. I’d be afraid to put hot coffee on top because it might warp. For this price I would have like to see something with better quality not compressed saw dust or whatever this is. I’d even been willing to have the option to pay more for real wood or a white polished glass top. I had to pay a carpenter to install a sliding keyboard tray, which was a really good idea and makes my desk even better. I’d love to have had this option as an add-on. In short, give us more options please.

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    I’m a high school choral director and I’ve searched and searched for a rolling piano keyboard desk. Having the two desk levels helps provide a place for students to turn in papers or music or for me to have something already out as they come in, Having it on wheels is a huge help when we need to clear the floor for show choir rehearsal or just to move the keyboard around.

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    The box arrived damaged, so I was worried, but all of the parts seemed fine.

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    Extremely fast next day shipping, Really NICE quality… Easy to assemble. I bought the larger desk, could easily accommodate 2 large monitors… I am a digital artist, great for people needing work surface for tablets…Just a great product love the wheels… great price..

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    Purchase this stand-up desk for my husband. He loves it, so far so good. We had a small issue on cranking the desk up and down as it was difficult to understand the diagrams how to set up the desk. We emailed and called customer service, they got back to us very quickly and helped resolve the issue, it was wonderful. It is so easy to crank-up the desk up and down and my husband who is not a patient man loves it, he changes the height often and we have had no problem with the desk.

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    I love this desk! It was easy to put together, although the box was very heavy to lift. I am so much more productive at work now that I have this desk. And it is super easy to change the height of the desk- I do it almost daily depending on the shoes I wear. I recommend getting a tall stool to go with the desk for the times you want to rest your legs/feet.

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