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Monitor/Laptop Mounts

We offer many mounts that are compatible with various brands and sizes of computer monitors and laptops. Adjustable height, swivel, and tilt help to set your monitor at the ideal position. Simple yet elegant, this ==clamp-type mount will provide an ergonomic monitor installation. This adjustable mount is perfect for anyone who wants to easily adjust their viewing height and angle to an ergonomic level that will help reduce neck, back, and eye strain while opening up valuable desktop space. The mounts can support either one or two monitors. A standing desk together with a  mount could be a great choice for you.

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Laptop holder

If you want to work with a laptop, it would be better to use a laptop stand with silicone pads. Our stands are compatible with all laptops 10.1 to 17.3 inches and are streamlined and convenient for your multi-platform use.

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Aluminum Laptop Stand

Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

A durable and comfortable floor mat will help you get through a long day on your feet. No matter where you work, it ensures that you feel great as you stay productive. Whether at work, in the kitchen, or doing other household chores that involve standing, this mat provides your feet with an amazingly cushioned layer of support that suspends your body weight, reducing stress and fatigue. This mat encourages movement and makes standing less tedious. Also, you can move it with one foot instead of having to bend over to move it.

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Stepper with Sit-Stand Desk

Thismini cardio stepper operates on two hydraulic cylinders that create a stepping motion that isless jarring on the body than treadmills. Improve circulation at the office during your break, or use while watching TV. The LCD display that tracks steps, time, and calories burned is easy to see while you’re stepping.This convenient stepper has a sturdy base and two foot pedals that swivel for an even greater workout than basic steppers. The swivel stepper allows you to tone all of your lower-body muscles, especially the inner and outer thighs and glutes.

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Under Desk Wellness Bike

To add even more movement into your workday, simply roll the bike under your standing desk and begin pedaling. You can enjoy anice workout while seated at your desk. The bike can be adjusted to match your height. Start your journey to a healthier work day with our products, and you’ll look and feel better and more productive in no time.

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