Classic Series

Standing Desk Converters

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Allows easy transition

It takes little effort to change between sitting and standing work modes with just a light squeeze of the hand bars.


Support better posture

Every detail is carefully considered to provide users with a more comfortable, ergonomically correct workstation.


Straight up and down movements



FlexiSpot rises and lowers vertically

Saving valuable space in your workstation and offering better stabilization when raising and lowering

Comparable products extend outward while raising

Taking up lots of space in your workstation and increasing the likelihood they might topple forward

High quality constructions

Built-in tablet integration

The built-in tablet support groove makes it easy to take notes, use an app or stream a meeting from your desktop.

FlexiSpot adjustable desk riser has bult-in tablet groove design

Fits most people’s height

Placing this desk riser on a 28” high desk will support people up to 6’1” tall

Placing this desk riser on a 31” high desk will support people up to 6’5” tall

flexispot classic series desk riser specifications

What makes FlexiSpot different

Desktop Workstation – 27″ / 35″ / 47″ / 41″ Corner


Height adjustable sit-stand desktop workstation

Size* 35" 47" 41"
Color* Black Cedar Mahogany River Walnut White
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FlexiSpot’s desktop workstation provides an easy way to transition between sitting and standing throughout the workday. Our spacious desks offer a deep work surface, a wide keyboard and instant tablet integration. These quality workstations offer smooth up/down motion, twelve height adjustment settings and ergonomic monitor mount compatibility.


  • Smooth adjustment with 12 height settings
  • Deeper desktop surface & wide keyboard tray
  • Straight up & down movement optimizing for compact offices
  • Smart desktop with built-in tablet intergration
  • Quality assured by cycling test of 6,000 height adjustments
  • Simple one-step assembly
  • Compatible with ergonomic monitor mounts
  • Available in three size options and two colors (black or white)



Additional information

Weight 56 lbs
Dimensions N/A

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Loading Capacity

35 lbs

Height Adjustment

150-500 mm


Fiberboard & steel


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