Why Standing Desks Are a Great Option for Back Pain

Sitting puts more pressure on your spine than standing, and the toll on your back health is even worse if you’re sitting hunched in front of a computer. Around 60% to 80% of adults in the U.S. struggle with lower back pain.

The healthiest way to work is standing up frequently! Alan Hedge, professor of ergonomics at Cornell University, recommends you sit for 20 min, stand for 8 min and move for 2 min.

Introducing FlexiSpot Sit-Stand Workstations

We are one of America’s leading manufacturers of ergonomic sit-stand desks. Our products are
Best Sellers on Amazon and featured in multiple big publications such as
BusinessInsider, MakeUseOf, NewsWatch, GeekDad, etc.

Reduce Neck Pain with a Full-Motion Monitor Arm

Sitting at computers for long periods can easily cause neck and shoulder pain, FlexiSpot’s monitor arms help reduce eye, back and neck strain by holding your monitor at the exact height and distance you want.

Introducing Flexispot Monitor Arms

Fully Adjustable

The gas spring hovering system makes it incredibly easy to change monitor height with the touch of a finger.

Full-Motion Capability

Gives you the freedom to place your displays in landscape
and portrait. Perfect for any work style.

Single and Dual-Monitor Arms options

The dual-monitor arm takes your productivity to a new level, allowing you to work with two individually adjustable monitors.

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