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Why Sitting Could Be Harmful to Your Heart Health

If you are reading this article while sitting down, your heart health may be at risk. Poor diet, smoking, obesity, and stress have long been associated risk factors for a variety of diseases that affect your heart. Studies now show … Read More

Standing Desk Status Quo 2018

About the report: Welcome to FlexiSpot’s inaugural report on the “status quo” of standing desks in today’s workplace culture. This survey is a concise summary of the role standing desks play in pursuing a healthy lifestyle in and out of … Read More

How to Use the Alexander Technique for Back Pain Relief

The Alexander Technique is one of the best approaches for relieving back pain you’ve never heard of. For over 100 years, performers, athletes, and others have used it to alleviate tension, overcome injuries, and operate at their best. The British … Read More

Are our desk jobs killing us?

Are our desk jobs killing us? We’ve all had those days where deadlines are pressing, your boss is calling, and a work day turns into 8 hours (or more) of prolonged sitting behind our computers. While we are sitting at … Read More

CNN Claims ‘Weak Science’ For Standing Desk Recommendations

A article casting doubt on the value of standing desks made waves on the internet a few weeks ago, getting re-posted by a number of other media outlets. The article, Standing desk recommendations based on weak science, was written … Read More

Why National Ergonomics Month Matters

As a species, we love tools and technology. We design and create things to save us time, make some aspect of life easier, and expand what we’re able to do and achieve. Ironically, we end up busier and busier, spending … Read More

Using your FSA or HSA to Purchase a Standing Desk

As we officially approach the end of 2018, there are so many things one must prepare for. Thanksgiving, Christmas, school breaks, the list goes on. Amidst the busyness, it’s no surprise that people often overlook the funds remaining in their … Read More

Yes, You Should Use a Standing Desk Mat—Here’s Why

Sitting all day will kill you before your time, and so will standing—to stay healthy, we need to keep moving. The best thing would probably be to go back to hunting and gathering and carrying spears to defend ourselves from … Read More

Bulging Disc Symptoms and Remedies

If you get pain in your neck, back, hips, or legs, it could be from a bulging spinal disc—the shock absorber that sits between all your vertebrae. But how can you know if you have a bulging disc, and if … Read More

Qigong Benefits: Science Says It Works

Qigong (pronounced chee-gung) is becoming widely recognized for providing an array of surprising and scientifically validated health benefits through slow-moving exercises and breathwork that anyone can learn. It’s great for your mind and body, and can be done almost anywhere. … Read More